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Czech Chess: less fighting, more strategy

Simply rules - no capturing, no pawn moves, no king, no queen
Different, unique game, faster, deep enough
Goal is to place all own pawns. You can place pawn at square, where aim three your pieces.

Useful tips for a successful game

1) move piece to prepare position for your pawn and in the same time
block opponent piece range or square for pawn

2) place pawns to block opponent move, piece range or target square

3) if you have square where you can place pawn and opponent can’t block
it try to find more active move and the pawn place later

Basic position at Czech Chess

Game rules Czech Chess

Example of final position Czech Chess: white have placed last pawn at b1

Czech Chess: example of final position

Example of game "Czech Chess":

1.Rh7 Ra3 2.h3 a6 3.Bf4 Bf5 4.Ra2 Bd6 5.Nf3 Ne7 6.h2 c8 7.Re2 Be5 8.d2 Rd8 9.Re4 Nbc6 10.Nc3 d4 11.Bd3 Rd6
12.Bg3 g6 12.e1 Nd5 13.e2 f6 14.h4 Rb3 15.Rh5 Bf4 16.Re5 b4 17.e4 Re6 18.Ng5 e7 19.Nb5 Na5 20.Nd6 Nc4 21.Rh7 e3 0:1

chess diagram as animated GIF file

"Chess is cruel and aggressive ..." Yes, chess is also a very challenging game.
So if you are worried that chess is too complicated for you, we have
an alternative for you, try “Czech Chess”. It is a new game from czech
boardgame designer Petr Doubek. "Czech chess" is played on a classic chessboard
without a king and queen, no capturing and no pawn moves.
It's more peaceful and easier to play, but you can enjoy similar combine
like at classical chess. However you will not experience crushing matt attacks
and victims of several figures in this game, but “Czech Chess” can help
you to improve the knowledge of positional games for classic chess or help
you overcome the fear of chess complexity.
Rooks, knights and bishops move just like chess, and pawns remain in position
until the end of the game. You can place your pawn in a situation if at least
three pieces are attacking one field - pawns don't attack. The goal of the game
is to place all eight pawns on the board.
Try “Czech Chess”, we welcome your feedback.

Game rules for Czech Chess

Basic position: rooks, knights and bishops are placed as in classical chess, no other figures are built
Movement of chess pieces: pieces move like in chess, pawns don't move or promotion into pieces
Stroke: A player who is on a turn can pull a piece or place pawns on a field that is attacked by
three or more of his pieces - the pawns do not attack and the pieces are not capturing
Game Goal: The player who has placed all eight pawns on the board wins
Draw: if a turn occurs, or the player has no chance to move with any piece

Example of International Masters game play Czech Chess.

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